10 Best Free Social Media Management Tools  

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In today’s world, entrepreneurs and business owners have the option to market their ideas to the entire world by simply having a presence on social media. Depending on the target market age group, most consumers may search for products and services on social media before or instead of the traditional search engine platforms. These platforms also allow consumers to connect with their favorite brands and make it easy for them to learn more about the company, engage with them directly and share with their friends and family.

Considering the amount of time the average person spends on social media, it is beyond necessary for brands to stay relevant amongst their consumers and stand out against their competitors.

However, having a presence on social media isn’t quite enough either. Content is critical to keep followers interested. Not only that, but the content needs to be visually pleasing and exciting to keep the audience plugged in. Here are a list of 10 social media tools that can help manage various accounts harmoniously.  

1) Buffer
When you are running multiple social media platforms, posting on each one separately can be quite time consuming, and unrealistic. Buffer is a planning software that helps you schedule and edit posts for all your social channels easily. It also allows you to choose a set time to post on each individual day separately. This function is very useful especially if you have access to your social media analytics and can determine time slots your audience is most active on each channel.

2) Followers+
Follower+ is an application that not only helps keep track of Instagram followers, but it also provides valuable insight about your posts’ engagements. Followers+ keeps track of your top mentions, hashtags and emojis. All these features are available at no cost. For a one time fee of $20, the app does provide more features and analytics about your audience and engagements.

3) Tweetdeck
It is an understatement to say Twitter is noisy. Way too much content is put out on this platform daily and finding relevant or valuable content may be an issue specially if you are following more than 10 people. Lol  Tweetdeck is a fantastic tool to help you organize topics, so you can easily follow multiple conversations all at once. Search for specific keywords in a specific geographic location and see who is talking about your brand. Tweetdeck helps you slow down the super fast pace nature of Twitter and allows you to follow and enjoy the content that you want. It makes connecting and engaging with your audience seamless. The best part of Tweetdeck is that it is 100% free!

4) Whitagram
Whitagram is a photo editing app that helps you to enhance your photos for all your social media platforms, it is especially useful for Instagram posts. This is one of my favorite applications; where you can polish your photos by simply changing contrast, brightness or adding filters to improve image quality. Whitagram also enables you to remove blemishes and red eyes, or add borders and frames. You will no longer need to save pictures on your computer and edit on Photoshop when you can make all those adjustments instantly and right from your mobile device.

5) Canva
Canva is a blessing! For all you busy bees out there that cannot spend endless hours trying to figure out complicated Adobe Cloud tools to create layouts, Canva is your bestfriend. You will find hundreds of free templates with appropriate sizes for each of you social media pages. You can upload your own images and logos, create infographics, Twitter post, blog cover page, and so much more. There are so many beautiful free templates you can draw inspiration from, each template is fully customizable and versatile that you can be creative and let your brand’s personality shine. If you have never used Canva before trust me, download it NOW and explore the millions of possibilities it offers to create original captivating content.

6) Feedly
Although content creation is crucial for any business, we cannot forget about curation. Having a right balance of original content and curated content is essential to bringing value to your consumers. Whether you choose a 50/50 or 80/20 balance of original vs. curated content, that is entirely up to you and dependant on your brand’s objectives. Feedly is the place to acquire your curated content. This amazing tool enables you to sort through large amount of related content on the web in one place and choose the best articles to share with your audience. Feedly keeps you current and relevant in the market.

7) Google Alerts
Google Alert is a wonderful tool that keeps you informed about specific content Google finds on the Internet about your chosen keywords. You can set up multiple alerts to be emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly. Google Alert is not only useful to find curated content, it’s also a great tool to monitor what people are saying about your business online. Instead of having to Google your name or your competitors, you can simply set up alerts that will automatically notify you of your business mentions.

8) Content Calendar
I’ve searched the web endlessly to find the perfect content calendar, and found many scary looking, complicated, multilayer spreadsheets. I examined each for longer time than I would like to admit, which left me even more confused at times. So let me save you a bit of headache, your content calendar does not need to look monstrous to be successful. Start with a simple spreadsheet on excel, plot the dates of each month and just go for it. Mark down the important events of each month and plan your content weekly. Find relevant content that suites your audience and copy paste the links and images. Content Calendar helps you organize and balance the flow of information and ensures you are not exhausting one platform and neglecting others.

9) Bit.ly
We’ve talked about planning, creating, curating content for social media, all of these are essential in your success but only, if you are able to measure the results. That is when Bit.ly comes into action. Bit.ly is a great analytic tool that helps you compare different posts and how they are performing online. Before you share your links on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or anywhere else on the World Wide Web. Paste your long ugly URLs in your Bit.ly account and create small links extensions. Not only you will have a more pleasant looking post with short link attachments, It also determines how your posts are performing on each platform. By reviewing these analytics you can then gauge your content output and revise your strategy for each medium accordingly.

10) You
The last point I want to talk about is you. Yes, You! You are the most important part of your social media management’s success. It can become overwhelming and exhausting to constantly try to outperform yourself and your competitors. It is also very easy to get lost in the game of followers and likes. The number of the followers you have gained or lost, number of likes you have on each post, and what people are saying about your brand.
Gary Vaynerchuk, One of my favorite entrepreneurs and social media guru says: 

It’s not how many followers you have, it’s how many care. It’s not width, it’s depth. It’s not how many impressions you get, it’s how much attention you get.’  

**Want read more about this on Gary’s blog, click here.

Please remember to have fun, stay true to your brand and don’t obsess over the little things.

Which one of these tools have you used? Leave a comment and let me know