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The intro of #ASKGARYVEE paints a clear picture of Gary’s first ever video back in 2006. It then takes you through his entire journey of wine library, daily grape, the start of Vaynermedia and how the #Askgaryvee show began.

Content is king, marble, pink quote Gary Vaynerchuk

It tells you the story of a man starting out with nothing (no followers) and slowly gaining huge audience over time. When #Askgaryvee show, launched in 2011 the YouTube channel only had 30,000 subscribers. With each episode, the followers grew larger and larger. (# of subscribers today: 747,000).  

That brings us to an important fact; in your journey to success good content matters, when your content is valuable people show up day after day to learn more. 


Gary explains the Clouds are:

“The high-end philosophy and beliefs that are in the heart of everything you are, personally and professionally.  99% of what you do in business everyday do not matter. If you follow a few core process daily and religiously everything else naturally fall into place.” 

Clouds represent the big picture the everything. Clouds are the core value of your business. 

Ignore everything between clouds and dirt
99% of what you do every day, DO NOT MATTER  – Gary Vaynerchuk

You have to be able to simultaneously think at a high level and get your hands dirty.

Dirt is about being a practitioner and executing towards those clouds it’s the hard work. It’s noticing changes, trends and figuring out how to take advantage of them before anyone else. 

Gary’s list of clouds are fairly simple:

  • Bring value to the customers 
  • Bring 51% of the value in any relationship 
  • Always play the long game of life value 
  • Smart work doesn’t replace hard work it supplements it. 
  • Patience matters
  • Try to put yourself out of business daily. 

I find myself down on the dirt side for the most part. I’m so busy at work trying to complete the daily projects that I don’t spend enough time in the clouds.
What is important to me, what are my core values? Are my day to day tasks even align with my clouds or am I just stuck in the middle? Are we too busy focusing on the 99% that don’t matter that we lose focus on the big picture? The answer is YES!
So how do we fix this mindset and get out of the middle you ask. Write out your clouds, find the core values for you, your business or your career, dedicate your entire time and focus ONLY on those key elements.

The Single best way to win is to give 51% of the relationship

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