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If you know anything about Vaynerchuk you may have heard of Jabs and right hooks. He wrote an entire book on the subject. In the #Askgaryvee book he also briefly covers this concept. (A well positioned jab and right hook to buy the book. Lol )

Jabs are defined as the content you put out that entertains, distracts, attracts, informs or otherwise engages and builds a relationship between you and your audience. It builds your brand, raises people’s awareness of who you are and what you represent and opens people up to receiving a right hook when the time is right.

Right hook is the content that you put out that brings in the sale. It’s the promotions or simply the ask, Buy my stuff.

Jabs and Right hooks refer back to the 51% value philosophy. Read my previous blog post on that. 

If you are jabbing well, If you are continuously providing value to your consumers, a right hook is received better. Think of jabbing as romancing your clients, if you are sharing valuable knowledge with them continuously, you can then ask for the sale.


Vaynerchuk gives us an example of a right hook:

“Thank you for following our blog for the past 6 months and supporting us, today we are excited to announce, that we have launched a new $4 app or $7 audio book. We ask you to not only buy it, also spread the word among your friends and family.” 

When your consumers like you and the value you bring to them, they respond to your right hooks. Heck, they may even come to you and ask for your business. 

I’m in the automotive industry, we tent to continuously go for right hooks, we have countless sales events each year. Spring Sales Event, Demo Sales Event, Black Friday, Boxing Week Sale and many more….. Very rarely tho, we throw jabs. I’m not just talking about the nice picture of a beautiful R8 with Toronto skyline in the background. I’m talking about valuable content, information your consumers have to dig deep to find. Show me the Apple CarPlay and its’ functionality, tell me how it could improve my commute. Tell me why the Technik package is right for me or what an MPerformance package is. Educate me, Entertain me, bring value to my life.


In order to succeed in this market, you have to share your knowledge with your audience. Tell them all about the new features of your brand new 2018 Q5. Take the demo on the road and document its greatness. Bring value to the in-market consumer who’s doing research before they step into your showroom. Let them find you and learn from you, perhaps when the time comes for a right hook, they’ll buy from you.

Check out my video log on the subject below!

Jabs and right hook