#AskGaryVee – Content and Context

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Although the platforms and distribution channels change frequently, Vaynerchuk says the rules of good storytelling remains the same.

The quality of a brands storytelling is directly proportional to the quality of its content. If it’s not good no one will pay attentions.

The main focus of this chapter is on quality content and what defines quality content?

Content is king, Context is God
1. It appeals to the heart.
2. It has to be shareable.
3. It’s native to the platform on which it appears.
4. It breaks through the noise

Gary says it’s important to act as a media company whether your a solo entrepreneur or a major company. Again it goes back to brining the most value to your consumers. Share and document your journey and engage with your audience consistently.

relevant content quote black from Gary Vaynerchuk

In this Vlog I talk about the following items:

  1. Why you should put out different content on different platforms.
    • consumer are perceptive to different type of content on different platforms
    • Infographics works best on Pinterest
    • Beautiful Images and colour red works best on Instagram
  2. Should you spend Advertising dollars to promote/ boost your posts
    • Short Answer YES
    • Watch the video for the Long answer 🙂

Video about content and context

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