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These two chapters are my favourite chapters in the #Askgaryvee book.
Self-awareness and gratitude are: knowing who you are and appreciating everything you have. It teaches us to become more aware of our surroundings.


Just like many young adults I struggled with finding myself for a very long time. Wanting to fit-in, be cool and to be this idealist, picture perfect woman. I don’t know exactly when I found myself, and stopped giving a F%$K about what others thought of me. If it was something that just happened over night or if it was a gradual change.

I don’t aim for perfection

In order to be happy and successful, you must know yourself. Understand your strength and weaknesses and accept yourself for exactly who you are. Then, focus on your strengths and let go of the things you are not good at. Let’s go back to clouds and dirt for a second, ‘99% of the things you do everyday don’t matter’. You don’t need to be perfect at EVERY SINGLE thing that you do. Do not obsess, don’t stress!. Bet on your strengths, because your weaknesses won’t matter as long as you are staying true to your beliefs and work towards your core values.

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I know who I am

Your self-awareness will be the component that differentiates you from the rest. When you find yourself and are comfortable with the person that you are, people are drawn to you. (At least the ones who share the same core values as you). They’ll accept and trust you, they’ll allow you to be their leader or give you their hard earned money to take care of their business needs. Don’t fake the things you don’t know and focus on the ones you do.


I believe gratitude is an extremely important characteristic, in making of a happy person.

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Take a moment after a long day not only to thank your clients, fans and followers, also be grateful for all the little things you have in your life. Gratitude is what keeps life in perspective. @GaryVee says: ‘When the offer comes that he can buy the NY Jets, it would no longer matter if he was told someone he loves is sick or dying.’

Be grateful for everything you have now, while working towards a better future. Take a moment right now look around you. If you have a comfortable home, if you have a loving family, if you are lucky enough to be able to put food on your table & most importantly, if you and your loved ones are healthy you have already won. Be thankful for everything that you have and don’t loose perspective of what’s most important in life.

There was a time that I had to take public transit to get home from work/school; it was especially tough during wintertime. On a good day I would be home in just over an hour thirty minutes. The 15-minute walk from the bus stop to my doorsteps was usually the hardest. Sometimes I would cuss in my head and power walk to get home as fast as possible; but some nights, I would have these moments of clarity. Moments where I would look around and just be thankful for having a beautiful warm home, a loving partner who’d be waiting to have dinner together and most importantly to be healthy enough to walk home. These moments were far and few in between my cuss sessions, but when they came to me, I was happy, humbled and so grateful for my amazing life.

GARYVEE on Gratitude quote. ASKGARYVEE

We’re so busy trying to get on with the next thing that we’re supposed to be doing, that we easily miss the small moments. Be grateful for EVERYTHING you have right now, it may not be there tomorrow.