How to Grow Your Social Media Presence in 5 Easy Steps

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1. Find Your Niche:

  • When you are establishing a new brand, the best and fastest way to grow is to understand and recognize your ideal audience. The smaller and more niche your audience the easier and faster your brand will grow. In any industry, you will have many competitors. Knowing exactly who you are and creating content specifically for your ideal audience will set you apart in your market and gets you noticed in these extremely noisy environments.
    • Your Ideal Audience; (Create 1-3 Personas for your brand)
      • Age:
      • Demographic:
      • Lifestyle:
      • Location:
      • What is important to them
      • How can you help them or add value to their life

2. Consistency is Key:

Whether you decide to post daily, weekly or monthly, set a schedule and stick to it.
When your audience is aware of how frequently they will hear from you, and like your content, they will be sure to come back for more.

Content Calendars are a great way to stay organize and plan ahead

3. Bring Value to your Audience:

Create compelling content for your audience.
Your content should be relevant, informative, engaging and it should be shared in a timely manner.
At the beginning of each year/month/week [depending on your post frequency] map out the important events in your industry and plan your content around these dates.

Research your industry and stay up to date with all that is happening in your market.

4. Engage in a dialogue:

A social brand engages in dialogues regularly. Find your most engaging platforms and spend time on them regularly, create and maintain meaningful relationships. If you do this enough times your audience will learn and trust your brand. You will be known as an expert in your field. Obviously, you must know your craft well.

Thanks to the invention of Hashtags you are able to easily locate the right content on each social platform and engage with your ideal audience.

5. Measure:

A social brand is measured by clicks, comments, Likes, Shares, Re-Tweets, Reach, Impressions & etc.
Learn what each of above-mentioned terms means to your brand, set goals and measure your results regularly.
Make sure all your social media accounts are linked as business accounts. Analytics for business accounts are much better.

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