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When I was a younger I wanted to become a race car driver but somehow it took me 30 years before I even got my drivers license…. So clearly, that career path never took off. Fortunately, I still ended up in the automotive world. I worked in retail marketing sector for over 10 years and achieved my goal of becoming the head of marketing for a large Automotive Group. I have created, managed, and implemented various digital, and traditional marketing campaigns, and organized events during my employment with brands such as BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen; I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Toronto Summer Day

I’m a practitioner; I have learned everything I know about customer service, business development, e-mail marketing, sales, and social media marketing by putting ideas into practice daily. Thanks to my great mentors and my massive student loan, I have been able to improve and succeed in my roles year after year. This is what this blog is about. My goal is to share with you my findings, my successful campaigns, and a whole lot of “what not” to do’s. If you are passionate about social media, marketing, and business development or anything automotive, you are in the right place